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   data (Yngilizce - Türkçe)
(i). (ço? veya tek) bilgi, malumat, istatistik. data processing (özellikle elektronik makinalarla) bilgi toplay?p lüzumlu yere aktarma i?lemi.
   data (Türkçe - Yngilizce)
See Datum. a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn; 'statistical data'.
a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn; 'statistical data'.
Facts represented in a readable language on a durable medium Data on its own carries no meaning Empirical data are facts originating in or based on observations or experiences A database is a store of data concerning a particular domain Data in a database may be less structured or have weaker semantics than knowledge in a knowledge base Compare data with information and knowledge.
Programs, files, and other information stored in, communicated, or processed by a computer.
Data can be defined in many ways Information science defines data as unprocessed information Data is converted into information, and information is converted into knowledge For the purposes of Enterprise, data is a small unit of information, i e a learner's name or an exam mark. a term that describes the BITS, BYTES, etc, that a computer stores and manipulates Data processed in a useful way becomes information.
Representation forms of information dealt with by information systems and their users [642 1-G-1].
A representation of facts, concepts, or instructions in a formal manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by human beings or by computers.
Factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. 'A formalized representation of facts or concepts suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by people or automated means ' The term 'data' is often used to refer to the information stored in the computer. 1 Alpha and numeric characters which are processed by a computer 2 Facts or information gathered for a specific purpose.
A re-interpretable representation of information in a formalized manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing Operations can be performed upon data by humans or by automatic means Any representations such as characters or analog quantities to which meaning is or might be assigned A representation of facts or instructions in a form suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by human or automatic means Data includes constants, variables, arrays, and character strings.
Any information contained in a computer file Normally names and address plus other demographic information.
Digital information that is input to, output from, or processed and stored in a computer.
A formal representation of raw material from which information is constructed via processing or interpretation.
Information that is collected, stored or processed systematically.
Digital information or just information, depending on the context. 1 in the context of remote sensing, a computer file containing numbers which represent a remotely sensed image, and can be processed to display that image 2 a collection of numbers, strings, or facts that require some processing before they are meaningful.
Refers to information in numerical form that can be digitally transmitted or processed.
Social science data are the raw material out of which social and economic statistics are produced Social science data originate from social research methodologies or administrative records, while statistics are produced from data Data are the information collected and stored at the level at which the unit of analysis was observed Summaries of these data are usually statistics Data must be processed to be of practical use This compilation is accomplished with statistical software, which reads the raw data from a computer file. factual information, especially results of an experiment or clinical trial.
Information stored on the computer system, used by applications to accomplish tasks. the information and evidence gathered during the assessment process for use in determining the level of teaching performance See Evidence, Extant Data, Information.
Factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation; a collection of numerical facts.
A gathering of facts, concepts or instructions in a formalized manner, made suitable for communication, interpretation or processing Anything other than voice.
Data is an un-processed collection or representation of raw facts, concepts, or instructions in a manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by humans or by automatic means.
   Benzer Kelimeler (Türkçe - Yngilizce Sözlük)
data dosyası
data dosyası işlemi
data dosyası organizasyonu
data lsb
data usb
otomatik data işleme
otomatik data işleme sistemi
programlar / data
sözcüksel data yapısı

   Benzer Kelimeler (Yngilizce - Türkçe Sözlük)
administrative data processing
alfanumeric data
alphabetic data
alphanumeric data
analog data
arithmetic data
automatic data processing
automatic data processing system
billing data
burroughs data link control
business data processing
centralized data processing
commercial data processing
common data bese
concatenated data set
contract data requirements list
control data
data access
data access control
data acquisition
data administrator
data area
data array
data attribute
data available line
data bank
data base
data base administration
data base administrator
data base analyser
data base dump
data base maintenance
data base management
data base manager
data base record
data base structure
data base trace
data bus
data capture
data carrier
data cell
data cell drive
data cell storage
data center
data chain
data chaining
data channel
data channel multiplexer
data check
data circuit
data circuit transparency
data code
data collection
data collection terminal
data communication
data communications control unit
data communications equipment
data communications exchange
data compaction
data compression
data concentrator
data contamination
data control
data conversion
data conversion language
data converter
data cycle
data degradation
data delimiter
data density
data dependent protection
data description
data description language
data description library
data design layout
data dictionary
data dispenser
data display unit
data division
data document
data element
data element chain
data element dictionary
data entry
data entry device
data entry operator
data exchange
data file
data file organization
data file processing
data flip flop
data flow
data flow diagram
data flowchart
data fork
data format
data formatting statement
data gathering
data gathering system
data group
data handling equipment
data handling system
data hierarchy
data independence
data integrity
data interchange format
data item
data level
data link
data link eacape character
data logger
data logging
data lsb
data management
data management system
data manipulation
data manipulation language
data matrix
data medium
data migration
data model
data multiplexer
data name
data net
data network
data operator
data organization
data origination
data plotter
data point
data preparation
data preparation operator
data processing
data processing center
data processing department organization
data processing standard
data processing system
data processor
data protection
data purification
data rate
data receiver
data record
data reduction
data reference
data reference line
data reliability
data repository
data representation
data representation code
data request line
data security
data segment
data set
data signaling rate
data signalling rate
data sink
data source
data staging
data statement
data station
data storage
data storage density
data storage device
data storage medium
data storage unit
data stream
data structure
data system
data tablet
data terminal
data text
data transcription
data transfer
data transfer rate
data transfer register
data transmission
data transmission equipment
data transmission system
data type
data unit
data usb
data validity
data word
data/text merge
database administrator
database attribute
database integrity
database management system
decentralized data processing
decisional database
digital data
digital data switching
direct data entry
discrete data
distributed data base
distributed data processing
dynamic data exchange
effective data transfer rate
electronic data processing
external data file
externally described data
hierarchic data base
hierarchical data link control
hierarchical data structure
hierarchical database management system
high level data link control
immediate data
industrial data processing
informational database
input data
integer data
integrated data processing
integrated database
internal data
internal data representation
internal data transfer
lexical database
logical data design
logical data element
manual data processing
mass data
master data
mechanical data processing
memory data register
numeric data
original data
output data
page data set
pertinent data
program described data
programs data
raw data
relational database
relational database management system
serial data
symbolic data
test data
unpacked data
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