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   sis (Türkçe - Yngilizce)
fog. mist. haze. mistiness. haziness.
A colloquial abbreviation of Sister.
See Sise.
fog. mist. haze. bank. haziness.
Student Information System.
Shuttle Imaging Spectrometer.
Systems Integration Services - in the Bureau of Information Technology Services , Administrative Services Division - Responsible for coordination between customers and BITS sections and project management.
Superannuation Industry Act, 1994 This is the act which regulates superannuation funds It prescribes prudential standards for trustees and establishes regulations for complying funds.
Standard Interface Specification.
   Benzer Kelimeler (Türkçe - Yngilizce Sözlük)
sis bas
sis bast?r
sis düdü?ü
sis far?
sis lambas?
sis odas?
sis perdesi
sis y???n?

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