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   ben (Yngilizce - Türkçe)
i., z. bana?ac?, sorkun a?ac?, bot. Moringa aptera; bu a?acm tohumu, bu tohumdan ç?kanlan ince ya?; iskoç iç oda; z. içinde.
   ben (Türkçe - Yngilizce)
beauty spot
beauty spot. mole. ego. i. myself.
beauty spot. mole. ego. i. myself. me.
The seed of one or more species of moringa; as, oil of ben.
See Moringa.
Within; in; in or into the interior; toward the inner apartment.
The inner or principal room in a hut or house of two rooms; opposed to but, the outer apartment.
An old form of the pl. indic. pr. of Be.
A hoglike mammal of New Guinea. a mountain or tall hill; 'they were climbing the ben'.
ego. me. self. beauty spot.
I. mole. myself.
a mountain or tall hill; 'they were climbing the ben'.
Well Used with other words, e g ben marcato, well accented, emphasized.
EPA's computer model for analyzing a violator's economic gain from not complying with the law. Used frequently in 'patronymics' ; Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph means Akiba son of Joseph. a mountain peak. benedictive mood.
Son of.
Son of; frequently used in personal names, as Ben-Gurion.

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